Google Cloud Prediction

Google Cloud Prediction API provides a RESTful API to build Machine Learning models. Predictions cloud-based machine learning tools can help analyze your data to add various features to your applications, such as customer sentiment analysis, spam detection, recommendation systems, and more.


API Paths

Predict Model (POST) /{project}/hostedmodels/{hostedModelName}/predict OpenAPI
Analyze (GET) /{project}/trainedmodels/{id}/analyze OpenAPI
Delete Model (DELETE) /{project}/trainedmodels/{id} OpenAPI
Model Status (GET) /{project}/trainedmodels/{id} OpenAPI
Predict (POST) /{project}/trainedmodels/{id}/predict OpenAPI
Add New Data (PUT) /{project}/trainedmodels/{id} OpenAPI
List Models (GET) /{project}/trainedmodels/list OpenAPI
Train Model (POST) /{project}/trainedmodels OpenAPI